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Hotel Accommodations and Dining (additional information coming soon)


Although there are no hotels within the immediate vicinity of the Biocenter, Copenhagen has excellent public transportation and is bicycle-friendly. The following hotels can be reached with one bus ride:

From the area around Nørreport station using bus 150S or 6A:

From the Frederiksberg area using bus 18:,, and are usually used in Denmark. Tripadvisor can give you an overview of which booking sites have offers for the different hotels. Note that it is more expensive to book directly with the hotel. You are also likely to be offered hotel options at a very competitive price when you book your flight.

You can plan travelling within Copenhagen and find connections from possible hotels to the venue on:


The main chain of Danish Youth Hostels is: There are common dormrooms, but you can also book a family room (including private bathroom) with up to 4, 6 or 8 beds.

Danhostel Copenhagen City is recommended (and closer to the conference venue). Danhostel Copenhagen Amager is near the Metro so it is possible to stay there if you prefer to stay in a green area.

The official Tourist site also links to other hostels:

Please note that you must have an international hostel card from your country, or either pay DKK 160 for a 1-year international card at the first hostel you stay in or pay DKK 35 for a guest stamp for each night you stay in a Danish hostel.

Hostels rent towels and bed linens if you do not bring your own.


At the conference you will receive a Copenhagen tourist booklet. It contains information about restaurants etc.

You may find additional information regarding dining in Copenhagen at:

Copenhagen is expensive, and is known as Scandinavia’s gourmet capital. However, a burger or half a grilled chicken may be found for around 10 USD/EUR.


Thanks to the Institute for Computational Sustainability and the Artificial Intelligence Journal for sponsoring CompSust'12. Thanks to the IT University of Copenhagen for sponsoring local organization. Thanks to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility and the University of Copenhagen for sponsoring meeting facilities.


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