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Workshop: CROCS at CPAIOR-10

Second International Workshop on
Constraint Reasoning and Optimization for Computational Sustainability

June 15, 2010

Bologna, Italy

Past Workshops
To be held in conjunction with CPAIOR-10, the 7th International
Conference on Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and
Operations Research (OR) techniques in Constraint Programming

List of Accepted Papers/Abstracts

  1. The optimal routing problem in the context of battery-powered electric vehicles
    Andreas Artmeier, Julian Haselmayr, Martin Leucker, and Martin Sachenbacher
  2. Biodiversity modeling and optimisation in pond networks
    Florent Arthaud and Serge Fenet
  3. Using Multi-touch Tabletops to Create and Compare Neighbourhood Designs that Satisfy Constraints
    Jennifer Fernquist, Kellogg S. Booth, and Alan K. Mackworth
  4. Logic-Based Decision Support for Strategic Environmental Assessment
    Marco Gavanelli, Fabrizio Riguzzi, Michela Milano, and Paolo Cagnoli
  5. Using Constrained Optimization to Understand, Predict and Control Knotweed Spread
    Florence Piola, Soraya Rouifed, and Christine Solnon
  6. Datamining for Biodiversity Prediction in Forests
    Barry O'Sullivan, Steven Keady, Enda Keane, Sandra Irwin, and John O'Halloran
  7. Optimal Network Design for the Spread of Cascades
    Daniel Sheldon, Bistra Dilkina, Adam Elmachtoub, Ryan Finseth, Ashish Sabharwal, Jon Conrad, Carla Gomes, David Shmoys, Will Allen, Ole Amundsen, and Buck Vaughan
  8. Computational Thinking for Material Discovery: Bridging Constraint Reasoning and Learning
    Ronan LeBras, Theodoros Damoulas, John Gregoire, Ashish Sabharwal, Carla P. Gomes, R. Bruce van Dover

Sponsored by the Institute for Computational Sustainability (ICS), Cornell University, USA.