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Conference Schedule

NEW! Blog of Communications of ACM (CACM) by K. Frenkel: First blog. Other blogs (K. Frenkel) (June8-June11).

NEW! Video recordings of conference sessions are now available by clicking the title of the talk you wish to view. on the schedule below.

Monday, June 8
8:00 am Registration In Park Atrium (east side of Statler Hall, circled in red here with parking deck in green; full campus map here)
9:00 am Opening Remarks
Kent Fuchs, Cornell University Provost
In Statler Hall room 196, accessed through Park Atrium
Carla Gomes Computational Sustainability: Computational Methods for a Sustainable Environment, Economy, & Society Presentation Slides
9:30 am Ken Williams, US Geological Survey, Cooperative Research Units Natural Resources Analysis and Decision Making Presentation Slides
10:10 am Mike Runge, US Geological Survey - Biological Resources Division, Patuxent Wildlife Research Center Challenges in Framing the Problem: Just what are we trying to optimize anyway? Presentation Slides
10:50 am Break
11:05 am Michael Conroy, US Geological Survey and University of Georgia, Warnell School of Forest Resources Challenges in Dynamic Optimization for Natural Resource Management Presentation Slides
11:45 am Eve McDonald-Madden, University of Queensland(Australia), School of Integrative Biology, Center for Applied Environmental Decision Analysis Spatial and Temporal Issues in Resource Allocation Presentation Slides
12:25 pm Lunch
1:50 pm Steve Kelling, Cornell Lab of Ornithology Biodiversity Research and Conservation in a Digital World Presentation Slides
2:30 pm Jane Elith, Environmental Science, The University of Melbourne, School of Botany The Art of Modelling Range-Shifting Species no slides available
3:10 pm Steven Phillips, AT&T Labs, Inc. - Research Maximum Entropy Modeling of Species Distributions Presentation Slides
3:50 pm Break
4:05 pm Vipin Kumar, University of Minnesota, Computer Science & Engineering Discovery of Patterns in Global Earth Science Data using Data Mining Presentation Slides
4:45 pm Jim Nichols, US Geological Survey - Biological Resources Division, Patuxent Wildlife Research Center On the Ugliness of Ecological Monitoring: Computational Constraints Arising from Ecological Data and Inference Methods Presentation Slides
5:25 pm Poster Session I
Tuesday, June 9
8:30 am Registration In Park Atrium (east side of Statler Hall, circled in red here with parking deck in green; full campus map here)
9:00 am Wouter Los, University of Amsterdam and LifeWatch / Eric Pauwels, Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (NL) Computational Facilities for Biodiversity Research, e-Infrastructures (Los) and Examples of Computer-Assisted Photo-identification of Individual Animals(Pauwels) Los Presentation Slides; Pauwels Presentation Slides
9:40 am Carlos Ernesto Guestrin, Carnegie Mellon University, The Robotics Institute Submodular Optimization in multiple applications
10:20 am Andreas Krause, California Institute of Technology, Computer Science Department Sensing Challenges in Environmental Monitoring
10:40 am Break
10:55 am Warren Powell, Princeton University, Operations Research and Financial Engineering (ORF) Approximate Dynamic Programming for a Stochatsic, Multiscale Energy Policy Model Presentation Slides
11:35 am Brian Williams, MIT, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics Risk Sensitive Planning, Deep Sea Exploration and Sustainable Connected Homes
11:55 am Lunch (box handed out)
1:20 pm Ian Dobson, The University of Wisconsin-Madison, College of Engineering, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Modeling Engineered and Sustainable Systems with Complex System Feedbacks Presentation Slides
2:00 pm Alan Borning, Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington The UrbanSim Project: Using Urban Simulation to Inform Public Decision-making about Land Use and Transportation Choices Presentation Slides
2:30 pm James Landay, University of Washington, Department of Computer Science and Engineering Environmental Sustainabilfity Through Activity-based Computing
3:00 pm Break
3:20 pm Terry Quinn, University of Alaska Fairbanks, School of Fisheries & Ocean Sciences Incorporating Biological and Environmental Realism into Fisheries Stock Assessment Models Presentation Slides
3:50 pm Gautam Sethi, Bard Center for Environmental Policy Have Your Fish and Eat Them Too: Fishery Management Under Multiple Uncertainty Presentation Slides
4:20 pm Richard Howitt, University of California Davis, Agricultural & Resource Economics Modeling Dynamic Network Systems with State-Contingent Penalty Functions Presentation Slides
5:00 pm Poster Session II
Wednesday, June 10
9:00 am Thomas Dietterich, Oregon State University, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science High-Performance Computer Vision for Arthropod Biodiversity Studies
9:40 am Regis Sabbadin, INRA (France), Departement of Applied Mathematics and Informatics Model-based Adaptive Spatial Sampling for Occurrence Map Construction Presentation Slides
10:10 am David Shmoys, Cornell University, School of Operations Research and Information Engineering and Department of Computer Science Mathematical Programming-based Heuristics: Telecommunication Network Design Meets Species Distribution Planning Presentation Slides
10:40 am Break
11:00 am Computational Sustainability Panel
12:00 pm Lunch (on your own)
1:30 pm Working Group, Room A Problems in Quantifying and Managing Uncertainty (Chair: Evan Cooch)
1:30 pm Working Group, Room B Interactive Decision Support Tools (Chair: James Allen)
3:20 pm Break
3:40 pm Working Group, Room A Assessing multiple sources of human-behavioral uncertainty in social-ecological systems (Chair: Decker)
3:40 pm Working Group, Room B Species Distribution (Chair: Steve Kelling)
Thursday, June 11
9:00 am Steve Ellner, Cornell University, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology How Microbial Community Composition Regulates Coral Disease Transmission
9:30 am Jon Conrad, Cornell University, Department of Applied Economics and Management Maximin Utility with Fractional Consumption, Extraction, and Harvest Rates
10:00 am Antonio Bento, Cornell University, Department of Applied Economics and Management Biocomplexities..Equilibrium Modeling and Carbon Leakages Presentation Slides
10:20 am Break
10:40 am Claire Montgomery, Oregon State University, College of Forestry Optimal Forest Fire Fuel Treatment and Timber Harvest in the Face of Endogenous Spatial Risk Presentation Slides
11:00 am Pat Langley, Institute for the Study of Learning and Expertise and Arizona State University An Interactive Environment for Constructing Ecological Models
11:20 am Mark Battle, Bowdoin College, Department of Physics and Astronomy Development of an Optimal Method for Calibration of Gas Analyses Presentation Slides
11:40 am Norm Scott, Cornell University, Biological and Environmental Engineering (BEE) Transitioning to a Sustainable World: Role of Sustainable Communities
12:00 pm Lunch (on your own)
1:30 pm Working Group, Room A Sustainable Communities & Sustainable Agriculture (Chair: James Allen)
1:30 pm Working Group, Room B Problems in Spatial Modeling and Resource Allocation (Chairs: Eve McDonald-Madden & David Shmoys)
3:20 pm Break
3:40 pm Working Group, Room A Dynamic Optimization of Renewable Resources (Chair: Jon Conrad)